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Through our experience in the fashion industry, we acknowledge the inherent cost brands, stores and department stores face hiring specialists within this field. We  wish to break these barriers by offering assistance on a consultancy basis, thus saving companies for full time costs and longer term commitments .


The fashion industry has undergone a huge change over the past decade. E-commerce, omni-channel, and online shopping are all concepts that pose a huge threat for physical stores. The competition is fierce.


We believe that the fashion brands who manage to find the right combination of creating both unique online and offline experiences, have the greatest chances of winning the customers’ loyalty.


It requires expert knowledge in Digital CX, E-commerce, Online shopping, as well as as deep knowledge of retail in general to create the perfect customer experience online - i.e. that unique experience that makes every customer feel special, drawn, inspired, and appreciated.


Our vision is to increase top and bottom line for fashion brands at a minimum cost. Everyone should be able to afford and have the opportunity to increase their competitive skills on a project-paid basis.


By introducing the fashion industry to business consulting, also affordable to small or newly started brands, we will provide seamless expertise in return for lower costs.